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Youth Education Programs

School Field Trips

2nd Grade – Communities Field Trip

We currently operate a 2nd grade field trip focused on Communities.

Three groups (classes) of students rotate through 3 stations positioned in different locations in the Village of Spencerport.

Pre-field trip resources and activities are also available.

4th Grade – Erie Canal Field Trip

We have recently released an Erie Canal Field Trip aimed at a 4th grade education level.

Three groups (classes) of students rotate through 3 stations in the Village of Spencerport followed by a whole group activity.

Other Group Programs

We can also deliver programs to other youth groups including:

  • pre-schoolers
  • homeschooling groups
  • boy scouts
  • girl scouts

These programs are typically customized based on:

  • time allocation
  • the age of the children; and
  • the educational goals.

Please contact us to talk about customizing a program for your group.

For more information:

For more information about these field trips, please read through our documents below.

You can also contact Museum Director, Simon Devenish on (585) 352-0942 or email him:

Program Documents

We will upload documents here soon!