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Adult Education Programs

Program Details

We typically customize our programs based on interests, group sizes and time availability.

In the past, we have provided these services to Senior Groups, Interstate Tour Groups and Walking Groups.

Our formal education programs are:

  • History Talk: Erie Canal (30 mins – 45 mins)
  • History Talk: How Seneca Land became part of the Erie Canal (1 hr)
  • History Talk: Transportation of Rochester and Spencerport Talk (30 mins)
  • History Talk: The Spencerport Depot and Canal Museum Building (15 mins)
  • Walking Tour of Spencerport (20 – 45mins)

The times represent the minimum and maximum delivery times for each individual program.

Your customized program may include aspects of one or more of these programs.

We ask for a donation in exchange for these services. The suggested donation amount is typically $3 – $5 person.

For more information:

For more information about these field trips, please read through the documents below.

You can also contact Museum Director, Simon Devenish on (585) 352-0942
or email him:

Program Documents

Will add documents here soon!